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Chuuya from 'Life Itself is Only a Vision' that, by request, ended up having too many parts. (in which Fyodor and Dazai both develop a big crush on Chuuya and fight for his attention)edit: added an alternative ending because I'm w e a k Hanahaki Disease- an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. His heart was an ocean in which the waves were in turmoil Chuuya tries to have a good, normal life—just, after all that shit that happened, everyone deserves a nice, normal happily-ever-after, right? Wakes up to a world where everything is—wrong.[the one where someone uses the Book and subsequently fucks the world up] This is the Incubus! He couldn’t see the young mans eyes that was covered by his long bangs. Chuuya wakes up to a world where—he’s supposed to be fighting Russian Fy o d—no, he’s supposed to be the benevolent boss of the Port Mafia. Chuuya wakes up to a world where he witnesses Yokohama’s most beloved couple – Dazai and Oda, also known as soukoku – complete their good deed for the day, holding hands as they do so.

Both were taken by cameras retrofitted into the empty nosecone of V-2 rockets, long-range ballistic missiles the United States captured from Germany at the end of the Second World War.Her long, raven fingernails wrapped themselves around the pure white cigarette, and she continued to bring it back up to her black lips. The players all had to slit their eyes just to see what the hell the red haired goth kid was doing.The other boy next to the girl rolled his eyes and spoke with an unusually soft voice. All of the goth kids were in the shade of the high school, completely hidden from the sun's rays."Hey! "Ethan took another drag of his cigarette and glanced nonchalantly at the bright red ball before his foot. I’m so sorry I was late to support you…” Dazai said now crying. This fic is entirely self-indulgent smut because, apparently, that's the only thing my readers request. I've separated it out into its own fic to make things easier, and in case it ends up having even more parts. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals. [ the one where chuuya attempts to find his one true love by dating the entire bsd cast, as he fails to realize that he's... Dazai noticed he had chains around his wrist holding him tightly, and on the chains, something was engraved too tiny for anyone to read but it was meant to obviously restrain the young male. There has been rampant speculation as to why Nakahara has repeatedly refused requests from the prosecution to serve as their star witness. So Chuuya turned towards the proffered hand, a mockery of the salvation he'd exchanged for his city, and took it.