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At 9pm the games stop and you're free to chat up your favourite playmate at the after-party, where there's a live band.
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Tufts university dating scene

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My closest friend was my assigned roomate from freshman year, which is something that typically doesnt happen. But aside from her, my closest friends are people that I met freshmenyear through mutual friends, people who lived in the same dorm as me freshman year, and members of the cheerleading team.If I am awake at 2am on a tuesday then I am studying.Big traditions include painting the canon, putting pumpkins on buildings the night before Halloween, not paying any attention to the football game on homecoming, and releasing stress before December exams during the NQR. Seriously, I have incredibly high standards, yet I was able to meet some really cool people. Oh and the theater program puts on some cool plays- this year for a few weeks they did Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead...which is one of my favorite plays. Given Tufts proximity to Harvard and Boston proper, I don't think the university has invested adequately in the extracurricular lives of its undergraduates.Apparently the Tufts Dance Collective is the most popular dance group on campus. Parties get old after five weeks of straight drinking because your engineering life blows. Frats and Sororities...basically freshman go there and then after that people realize they're kinda boring. I don't drink and I'm on a varsity sports team. It's a shame because college is as much about social and emotional development as it is academic.According to Vernick, “At the group, a woman said that when the time came and she agreed to go back to ‘his place,’ she liked to search through a guy’s bathroom.She figured the products he used might tell her something about this guy. ’ and asked other women if they did the same thing.” Many woman did, the authors found out.The social scene also suffers a serious blow from the near complete absence of its juniors from campus.Nearly three fourths of Tufts students study abroad, and as such, the student body is left with a serious cultural lacuna.

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Just as easily as you can find some people getting drunk and high at once can you find someone just hanging out watching a movie or even studying on a Saturday night. Athletic events aren't too popular, but then again, I was never interested in them anyway. Because I'm an engineer, I don't get out much, but I've met all my girlfriends outside of engineering, so if you get out there, you will meet someone you like. Also- dance groups and singing groups are big- which means lots of great shows to go to.

Well, lets just say Tufts is not known for the good looks of its students.

I mean, you may find someone to date but they probably wont be attractive.

Sports, whether they be varsity or intermural teams are very popular.

Dance groups, and social awareness groups(such as TDC and Pangea, respectively) are also popular.