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The free swimming programme is funded by West Lothian Council and allows youngsters aged 15 and under to swim for free, Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm, from Friday 30 June - Friday 18 August.

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“As mayor of New York, would you live in an apartment with three gay guys? But I don’t want to live in an apartment full of them. That Giuliani, famous for his three marriages—to women—and for his taxpayer-subsidized philandering, is in fact one of the political world’s most successfully closeted homosexuals?

” Flynt’s facts aren’t entirely in order, but his train of thought won’t be derailed. “I don’t know whether he’s gay or not,” Flynt replies with a hint of exasperation, “but I’m saying, if you got four friends, all gay, living in the same apartment, how are you going to know which one’s gay? Why do you break up with your wife and move in with gay guys?

Flynt has granted me an audience—I’m not bragging; it’s not hard to get Flynt to talk—in his office on the 10th floor of the Flynt Publications building, in Beverly Hills.

“Let me ask you something,” he says in a voice that might best be described as a slurred croak. It doesn’t bother Giuliani to put a dress on to do Um, I ask, what exactly is he trying to suggest?

He’s eyeing some juicy targets this election cycle.

Publisher Larry Flynt and retired escort Wendy Ellis at a September 2007 news conference where Ellis claimed she had had a paid sexual relationship with Louisiana Republican senator David Vitter in 1999, when he was a state legislator. In the spring of 2001, as he was putting an end to his second marriage, Rudolph Giuliani, then mayor of New York City, moved out of the mayor’s mansion and for the next few months bunked at the home of Howard Koeppel, a friend and political supporter.

Publisher Larry Flynt, a longtime Democratic supporter, said he may leave the country if Donald Trump wins the White House.“The thought of Donald Trump becoming president nauseates me in a big way,” Flynt said in an interview with Toronto-based HOSS magazine.

Asked what he would do if Trump wins, he replied, “I don’t know, maybe move to Canada.”Flynt, the Beverly Hills-based publisher of Hustler magazine and other publications, said one of his pastimes is staying up to date on politics.“I wish I didn’t.

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The youth of Croydon is unlikely to be corrupted by adverts promising HUSTLER HONEYS IN THEIR STARS 'N' STRIPES GETTING ALL WET, the UK's advertising regulator has declared. Larry Flynt has always been a staunch First Amendment supporter, and he sees sending his magazine to Congress as just another expression of that right. ) for our elected officials, the request failed and the court ruled that the delivery was within rights.Also sharing the apartment was Mark Hsiao, Koeppel’s longtime boyfriend.Six years later, with Giuliani now one of the leading Republican candidates for president, his interregnum with the Koeppel-Hsiaos has drawn the interest not only of suspicious conservatives but also of Larry Flynt, who, not a conservative, has made a good living off of traditional male needs as the founder and publisher of and the 21 other publications he owns, along with a Hustler video company, a chain of Hustler strip clubs and sex-toy stores, and a small Hustler Casino in Gardena, California).Hustler Hollywood, based in Beverly Hills, Calif., is part of Larry Flynt's brand that includes pornographic media and strip clubs.