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The GOBE, which vastly expanded marine life diversity, kicked off about 70 million years after the first explosion of life on Earth during the preceding Cambrian period, some 540 million years ago.

Some scientists contend that the Ordovician event was sparked by a collision of objects in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter raining debris down on our planet.

For example, the Hinge app positions itself as an anti-Tinder for people looking for meaningful relationships and not just hookups.

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Lavalife VOICE is proud to continue to offer singles across Canada, the United States, United Kingdom and Australia a private, safe and fun way to connect."It is reasonable that the very high sea levels that prevailed during the Ordovician...simply gave more space for life to thrive," he told AFP.Henson's daughter, Lisa, told the Times that Whitmire refused to train an understudy for low-level performances and "played brinkmanship very aggressively in contract negotiations." Lisa Henson is president of the Jim Henson Co., which sold The Muppets brand to Disney in 2004.Brian Henson, who is the company's chairman, told the Times that Whitmore often sent emails attacking writers, directors and others involved in Muppets projects.Such a bombardment may have changed the environment just enough to stimulate diversification of existing life, the theory goes.