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Problems updating d d character builder

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And in keeping with tradition, Wizards of the Coast has swung a double-edged sword at the problem of cross-platform character creation. Well, let's take a look at what rocks about this announcement and what's less than cool.And, in keeping with tradition, D&D fans' reactions are mixed.

You can now add a separate bonus (or penalty) to attack or damage.

The damage dice box is big enough to list two damage amounts (for versatile weapons).

I removed the notes section on the second page to allow more room for trait and feature descriptions.

What I’ve got so far are the following problems: Work has been busy these last couple month, but I managed to get my D&D Character Builder updated with the Player’s Handbook 2 races and classes.

It might be a little rougher around the edges than previous versions, so I’ve also added a button titled “Got and Issue?