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Facebook's news feed did, once upon a time, list nothing more than the activity of a user's friends - that's things like wall posts, shared links, adding new friends, that sort of thing - but very quickly began using algorithmic guesses to insert extra stuff that it thought was relevant.

Asp net listview itemupdating newvalues empty

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While the List View control provides editing support, it requires a bit more work from the page developer to get it going.

The reason is because the List View is defined by templates whereas the Grid View and Details View are defined by fields.

Moreover, a Command Field is added, which displays the Edit, Update, and Cancel buttons, as needed.

Right click your web site and add a new item named Movie Entities of type ADO. Click add and then press OK if prompted to create App_Code folder in your solution automatically.

Continue by selecting Generate from database option and make sure you configure your SQL Server connection properly so it points to the right Movie Store database.

Click next and continue by selecting the right tables Genre, Review for your entity model.

Leave the default name for the namespace Movie Store Model and click finish to exit the wizard.