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Accomondating toys in the classroom for children with cerebral palsy

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Dr Sharmella Roopchand-Martin, who specialises in nuero-rehabilitation at SPT, said all the children involved in the study had improvements in their gross motor function scores at the end of the six weeks of training."One child in particular stood out in that she had never walked before, independently, without her rollator.

During the activity one day, she wanted to go to the bathroom and we were bringing her rollator for her, and by the time we had got there with the rollator, she had walked to the bathroom already," she said.

• Abstract • Introduction • Theoretical framework • Literature review • Participation patterns amongst children with disabilities • Direct and indirect predictors of participation • Participation in school and community • Community participation • Conclusion • Research method and design • Participants and setting • Data collection • Data analysis • Results • Support to social participation • Family • Friends and/or peers • Community and/or neighbours • Community-based rehabilitation staff and services • Personal resourcefulness • Barriers to social participation • Family • Friends • Community and/or neighbours • Schools • Environment • Financial burdens • Lack of awareness and understanding of disability related issues • Personal weaknesses • Strategies to overcome barriers • Expectations for the future • Ethical considerations • Trustworthiness and validity • Discussion • Acceptance by family, friends and community • Recommendations for community-based rehabilitation • Schools and future education • Recommendations for community-based rehabilitation • Physical burden • Recommendations for community-based rehabilitation • Financial burden and family income • Recommendations for community-based rehabilitation • Support groups and emotional support for mothers • Recommendations for community-based rehabilitation • Implications for future research • Limitations of the study • Conclusion • Acknowledgements • Competing interests • Authors’ contributions • References Objectives: The objectives of this study were to understand how mothers of children with physical and cognitive disabilities who engaged their children in community-based rehabilitation (CBR) services in Lusaka, Zambia, perceived and described (1) the level of support they received and the barriers they encountered in terms of their child’s meaningful social participation; (2) the use and awareness of these barriers to identify and pursue advocacy strategies; and (3) hopes for their child’s future.

Methods: Data were collected through semi-structured interviews with each mother in her home.It has a left and a right mouse click button located behind the trackball to avoid unwanted mouse clicks.The BIGtrack trackball also allows for 2nd Mouse Connection both the BIGtrack and a second mouse can be connected allowing simultaneous participation.This large trackball is also perfect for kids of all ages, especially children in preschool.The large trackball is easy on little hands and is simple to use. Posted on 11/2/13 by melania castro This trackball does exactly what I need it to.In comparison to the traditional method of rehabilitation, which relies on the repetition of movements for a patient's recovery, the doctor said video games are far more engaging, especially for children who have always used them for entertainment.