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The agency should be organized, send payments and statements on time and offer strong consumer education and support. The payment is usually around 2.5 percent of the total debt, though in hardship situations, there is some wiggle room. Why consolidate bills if you can't pay for basic expenses or if there are better alternatives?You can stop the plan at any time, and you can also pay more -- and get out of debt faster -- when you have extra funds. You wouldn't, which is the reason consolidation begins with a counseling appointment where your entire financial situation is assessed.Read the other posts in the series to get all the info you need to make intelligent decisions about your student loans.Student loans are the ultimate double-edged swords.However, federal PLUS loans do require that borrowers not have an adverse credit history, which is defined by Fin Aid as “being more than 90 days late on any debt, or having any Title IV debt within the past five years subjected to default determination, bankruptcy discharge, foreclosure, repossession, tax lien, wage garnishment or write-off.” For private lenders, your credit score is usually a key factor in determining not only student loan approval, but also the attached interest rate.In other words, the better your score, the better your rate.

I thought that score was the only thing that matter and I wanted to open credit card... First, I think it is important to look at what makes up a credit score:35% Payment History: Simply making sure you make your payments are on time each month.30% Utilization: Your credit balances compared to your limits. With a debt management plan, you make one payment to the credit counseling agency, which distributes the money to your creditors until they are paid in full.Even if they are members of such organizations, though, be picky. So while the agencies and employees vary, the plans are all structured the same way: Your counselor determines how much it will take to pay your creditors in full in three to five years.When you sign up for a credit counselling service, a note is made on your credit report that indicates you are currently enrolled in a special program to manage your debt repayment.That note will make it harder to qualify for new credit while you are still repaying the debt covered under the credit counselling agreement.Credit counselling, in particular, suffers from being widely misunderstood because of incorrect information floating around.