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Reason: How do battle-specific glitches work in Link Battles considering different language versions where the glitches are fixed and different games altogether (e.g.: Acid rain glitch in a Link Battle with DP)? In early copies of the Japanese versions, after entering the Union Room on the second floor of the Pokémon League building, which shares the layout with the second floor of any regular Pokémon Center, the player will end up in a wall and not be able to return.In the case the player has not saved the game while trapped, it is possible to work around the bug: Just like the surf glitch, in case the player saves the game after exploiting this bug, the effect can be corrected with a patch released by Nintendo, which allows the player to resume the game in front of their house in Twinleaf Town.She's hardly received with open arms, especially...See full summary » While waiting at a train station, Nikki Collins witnesses a murder from a nearby building.

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This glitch requires a Pokémon and an Egg in the same spot of adjacent boxes on the Pokémon Storage System.

I think the best part of this one is that although there is some singing, it's not jam-packed full of music and has a decent plot.

May 18: Welcome back to Jackie Christopher, who shows off more of her biceps today. May 10: We will always love big, booming muscle and Nancy Lewis and her amazing pecs will never disappoint.

If the Pokémon is deposited in the GTS and the connection is interrupted at the right time, the Pokémon in question would be in the player's party or Pokémon Storage System box and in the GTS, requiring the player only to withdraw the Pokémon from the GTS to obtain the clone.

This occurs whenever the player uses Sweet Scent or Honey in a Poké Mart.