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Why does windows explorer keep updating itself

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I don’t often write posts about Windows, but I decided I would in this case, because the bug in question is a real soul destroyer, and it gives me a chance to have a good rant about the dogfood that Microsoft tries to pass off as software. Basically, if you alter/create/delete files or folders in Explorer windows, the window does not refresh to show the update.

It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but what actually happens is that people get confused with what is going on and inadvertently delete files etc, which is obviously a bigger deal.

Anyway, the fix (its really a work around) given below, definitely works. So, open Notepad, and copy and paste the following: Save this file as to the root of your C:\ drive Next, right click on your desktop, and create a shortcut, and point this to c:\And that’s it. When you do this, everything other than your wallpaper will disappear and then quickly re-appear. Whenever you encounter the refresh bug, just run the shortcut and the problem will clear.For me it kicks in after only a couple of days without a restart.And I have done a fresh wipe and re-install only 3 months ago. There's this article that summarizes many of the known possible fixes to the problem. When I connect my MP3 player to my PC, Windows Media Player pops up. On the bottom right of the Media Player, it keeps saying Updating Media Player (going on for hours). Im not getting the media from Windows7 anymore, but it still says updating media library. Select the library which you don’t want Windows Media Player 12 (WMP 12) to monitor. Right-Click on the library location and select Remove. Click Organize again and click 'Apply media information changes'. I've struggled with same problem for a whole day and found a workaround.Now my pictures and videos keep adding themselves to the player. Second, when I delete a song, I get $IZQSPI6 added under OTHER / Unknown Album for each song I delete. There is a special file called "wmpfolders.wmdb" which stored information about all folders looked through by WMP.Its also intensely annoying from a UX point of view, as attested by the 41 pages of comments on the bug thread on answers. No attempt has been made to fix it by Microsoft, presumably because they don’t really care if their OS actually works or not.