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It will be a criminal offense to tamper, obstruct or destroy the devices.

Nursing homes are not allowed under this law to discriminate or retaliate against a resident who installs the monitoring systems.

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But should the State of Illinois place the burden of ensuring nursing home safety on the patients themselves? Illinois received a failing grade in a national study released in May 2014.

Under a law enacted in Illinois in August 2015, the Authorized Electronic Monitoring in Long-Term Facilities Act became effective on Jan. Under its provisions, residents and their roommates have the right to consent to having a video or audio recording devices installed in their rooms.

The use of the cameras would be voluntary, although there are questions about obtaining consent from elderly residents, their visitors, and the nursing home staff.

Patients and their families would have to purchase and set up the equipment themselves, and then monitor the footage.

The Illinois Department of Public Health will establish a fund of ,000 that will be given each year to residents selected by a lottery to purchase and install monitoring devices in nursing homes.

In this plan, a patient’s safety is contingent upon their ability to finance and install an expensive surveillance system.

Many senior citizens in long-term care facilities (which are hugely expensive) can’t afford that.

Sign up for the AARP Health Newsletter In Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas, you can legally put a nanny cam or “granny cam” – a motion-activated video camera – in your mother’s nursing-home room.

Several other states have been considering following suit.