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Betty TV will continue operating in Germany, where Swisscom is seeking an investor.

Bluewin TV Swisscom is also making slow progress with its own television platform, launched in competition with cable.

“The results from Betty TV in Switzerland were significantly below our expectations,” said a company representative.

The company is understood to have lost around £25 million on the venture.

The operation will continue in Germany, where it is seeking an investor.

Swisscom, which has acquired the Italian operator Fastweb, has also only attracted 60,000 subscribers for its own Bluewin TV service, launched a year ago, with reports of continuing technical problems.

It’s a vision that doesn’t exactly match with what Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine told Apple is launching its first TV show, "Planet of the Apps." Here's the trailer.

Administrative Rule 52 - CONTEMPORANEOUS TRANSMISSION BY RELIABLE ELECTRONIC MEANS Section 1. This rule provides a framework for the use of contemporaneous audio or audiovisual transmission by reliable electronic means in North Dakota's district and municipal courts. The respondent must be given the opportunity to consult with an attorney about the right to object to the use of reliable electronic means.

Imagine appearing in your favorite TV show, with your face right up there between shots of your favorite actors, broadcast around the country. Early indications, at least in Brazil, are that viewers are hooked on it.

this summer crafted a storyline in which a Steve Jobs-like character sought a successor.

“The possibility of that is minimal, because this is an industry, you know?

” The rise of interactive TV (i TV) has coincided with the rise of IPTV, or Internet Protocol television.