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Nelson faces a felony charge of promoting prostitution, plus a misdemeanor charge of 5th degree controlled substance for having 2.5 grams of cocaine on him. Officers believe Nelson was travelling with women across the country.

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Critics given an early look at the program must agree to an embargo on anything they publish about it.

This makes perfect sense in the context of the social world of "Mad Men" itself: the network is, after all, selling the audience’s curiosity to advertisers.

Dominance hierarchies provide efficiencies that limit animals from spending too much energy fighting amongst themselves by giving them social structure.

Some fighting takes place initially, and eventually, everyone decides they’re cool with where they are in the pecking order.

Michael Kinsley, a pioneer of confrontational political debate on cable television, recently wrote in Slate, “When you write for the Web, you open yourself up to breathtakingly vicious vitriol.

People wish things on your mother, simply for bearing you, that you wouldn’t wish on Hitler.” David Pogue echoed this sentiment in The New York Times: “The deeper we sail into the new online world of communications, the sadder I get about its future....

” (Think of all the readers gathered at the docks in New York to get the latest installment of a Dickens novel coming from London.) Of course, the contributors to write with a host of more complex questions in mind, but I don’t doubt for a second that many of the papers were initially inspired by weekend-long diegetic binge sessions, fueled by the same desire driving other viewers.

At the same time, there’s every reason to think that the wider public is just as interested in the complex questions raised by the show as any of the professors writing about it.

It's hard to imagine a book more useful for adult study.

" The foundational question (and Holben's first) is, "What is the ultimate authority upon which any moral judgment regarding homosexuals and/or homosexual acts is to be based? If we say "the Bible," how do we handle scholarship offering new interpretations of texts?

If it's "by their lives you shall know them," is homosexuality vindicated by adherents who show kindness, gentleness, and charity? Christians should "accept responsibility for thinking theologically about the major issues.

" and "Is there a homosexual condition (orientation) and, if so, what is its cause or origin?

" Throughout, Holben tactfully withholds his own opinion: "Why should my judgment carry more weight than that of the many advocates of the various viewpoints I have quoted?